Cesarean Births

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Florida had one of the highest Cesarean rates in the county. Tampa Bay is no exception. If you choose a place a birth that has a higher Cesarean birth rate than another hospital, your chances are higher that you will not have a vaginal birth. This is major surgery. There are times when it is necessary for the safety of the mom or the baby. Ask questions at the beginning of your pregnancy regarding their rate - the place of birth AND your caregiver. It is always okay to ask questions. Remember, you are the consumer. 

Cesarean Rates for Tampa Bay Hospitals:

       44.99% -        St. Joseph's Woman's Hospital

       43.06%           University Community Hospital

       31.85% -         Tampa General Hospital

       41.07% -         Bayfront Medical Center

       42.66% -        Mease Countryside Hospital

       43.84% -        Helen Ellis Community Hospital

       37.97% -       St. Pete General

       29.96% -       Morton Plant Hospital