"When a trained Doula is present, I feel like she is part of my team, as we care for the mother and child"

"You were such an angel to me. (to all of us actually). I was so scared when I came home that first night. I can’t imagine if you were not there to help us get settled in. Then the next day, I was so clueless to what the heck to do to keep this “thing” alive! (don’t they know I can’t keep a plant alive??) Well, I think you would be so impressed with just how far I have come. I KNOW I am a good mamma now."
Postpartum Doula

"Doulas provide a level of comfort and care that enhances my patients birth experiences. I encourage my patients to use doulas."
OB Doctor

"With the help of your staff, I was able to breastfeed successfully. I would have given up without your help."

"Thank you in your classes for never being judgemental regarding medications."

"The short time we spent in the childbirth class gave us the knowledge we needed to fully enjoy the birth experience."

"Thank you for helping us to know what to expect in the delivery for our baby. We learned everything in your childbirth classes. We’ll be back for #2."