For most women, finding just the right caregiver to be with you for your birth is essential and yet difficult.  For many, pregnancy is not a time of stability, such realities as moving to a new area can greatly impact your mindset as you prepare to give birth. Leaving friends and family and the comfort and familiarity of a home can leave you feeling alienated and unfamiliar with the “birth world” you now live in.  Establishing where, how and with whom can give you comfort and stability no matter how different and new your surroundings.


  • What is your cesarean rate?
  • Do you do VBAC’s?
  • What is your percentage of VBACS you have performed in the past year? (They know this answer)
  • Do you require constant fetal monitoring or intermittent?
  • What is your episiotomy rate?
  • Will I have the freedom to be able to change positions to help my labor and pain level?
  • Can I choose positions I would like to be in for pushing and the birth of my baby?
  • What is your forceps and vacuum delivery rate?
  • Do you require an IV?
  • Can I have only a heplock instead?
  • What percentage of the births you do are inductions?
  • What reasons would you induce?
  • How long would you let me go past my due date?
  • If I do have to have an induction, what methods do you use?
  • Is there a shower?
  • Does it have a hand held nozzle?
  • Is there room for a birth ball and you in the shower?
  • Does it have water pressure?  (I know that seems like a strange question, but I have been in hospitals where you turn on the shower and a trickle comes out.)
  • Does it have a tub?
  • Is it large enough for you to have comfort during labor?
  • Do they offer water births?

This is not a complete list of information to ask your caregiver, but is provided to give you some guidelines for what might be important to ask.   Please include any additional areas of concern and importance to you.  If you do have questions about any of the information provided, please contact us.